Class Information

  • We offer combination classes for Ballet & Tap and Jazz & Tap.
  • We also have individual classes for Hip-Hop, Pointe, and Acrobats.
  • The class year runs from September to June.
  • Classes are fifty minutes in length.
  • Each class maintains a low student-to-teacher ratio.

Ballet/Tap Combo (Ages 3-8)

This class develops fundamental skills and improves coordination.  Your child will have fun learning the grace of ballet and the rhythm of tap.

Jazz/Tap Combo (Ages 8 and above)

If your child loves to move with the beat and can’t stop tapping their feet, this class is the one.  Both traditional technique and modern movements are taught while capturing the excitement of dance.

Hip-Hop (Ages 9 and above)

This class teaches jazz technique using current popular moves taught to contemporary music.

Pointe (Ages 13 and above)

Designed for dancers with experience in ballet, this class focuses on the basics of pointe.  Students will learn how to take their ballet know-how to a new level.

Acrobats (Ages 5 and above)

We offer floor tumbling on mats to enhance flexibility and increase strength.  With our systematic approach, each acrobatic move builds on the previous skill taught. We also incorporate basic dance moves to fully complement our entire curriculum.

Please review our 2020-2021 class schedule for days and times.

2020-2021 Schedule

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